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Hydro Excavation to Dig a Trench
If you need a trench dug in a certain area, hydro excavation may be the right choice for you. Unlike traditional excavation methods, hydro excavation uses a combination of high-pressure water and a vacuum truck to remove the ground debris. The wand allows the operator to easily target an excavation area and the vacuum truck uses a displacement blower or fan system to extract the soil. The solids and liquids are collected in a holding tank and the excess air is expelled to the ground.

Hydraulic excavation uses a pressurized water jet to cut through the grass and loosen the soil. After the water jet has finished its job, a second operator uses an articulating boom and hoses to draw away the soil and water mixture. As the water jet continues to work, it can loosen even the toughest soil. This process is repeated until the trench is of the required size. Hydro excavation has numerous benefits. If you are planning on using this technology to dig a trench, consider the benefits that it provides.

Aside from minimizing soil damage, hydro excavation offers several benefits. It reduces costs associated with repairing damaged underground pipes. During the colder months, hydro excavation can allow construction to continue. Because it’s safer than mechanical excavation methods, hydro excavation can extend your project’s season. It reduces liability and insurance costs, which can be a great benefit to your company’s reputation. If you are planning to dig a trench in a freezing climate, hydro excavation may be the only option.

Another advantage of hydro excavation is that it is faster than manual digging. With only a few workers required for large jobs, hydro excavation can be completed in a matter of hours. Additionally, hydro excavation is also more environmentally friendly than manual digging. The dirt and slurry are collected in a dumping tank and hauled away from the site. There’s also less waste created in the process, which means less money spent on waste disposal.

Hydro excavation also reduces the need for backfilling, restoring a site, and is a more precise, cost-effective way to remove dirt and concrete. The cost-effectiveness of hydro excavation has been confirmed by many clients. USA DeBusk offers highly trained crews and state-of-the-art hydro excavation units. Because the equipment is mobile and self-contained, hydro excavation equipment can access hard-to-access locations. The equipment is also equipped with a water tank, vacuum capabilities, and debris storage, making it an excellent choice for digging in a challenging environment.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, hydro excavation is a safe method for exposing buried structures and utility lines. This method is also highly effective because it uses pressurized water that removes dirt slurry. Hydro excavation is an ideal choice for trenchless paving and demolition projects, and it is also very effective in removing soil that is too soft to remove. It is the safest way to excavate a trench.

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